June 27, 2011

Review: Revealers by Amanda Marrone

Witchin' ain't easy.
Jules has a rebellious streak, a massive crush on Connor, and the abilities of a Revealer witch. By day, she and her coven friends seem like typical high school seniors. By night, they have the power to make werewolves, vampires, and ghosts reveal themselves, so they can destroy them. It's not exactly cheerleading, but at least the girls know they're doing the world some good.
One by one, Jules's friends turn eighteen and are initiated into the coven's inner circle. And one by one, they are getting completely freaked out. Jules is the youngest, and though her friends are too scared tell her what's going on, something's clearly not right. As her birthday approaches, Jules realizes she's got to find out what's behind the shadows of her coven before it's too late to save her friends...and herself. But what she discovers may be too powerful for even the toughest witches to defeat.

This is a nicely written story about not only being a teenager but being a witch as well. As if life is not hard enough... With a terrible secret to bare, the girls learn what it means to have family loyalty. This book has a strong and scary plot. The setting is a normal everyday city that could be located anywhere across the USA. The characters are loveable if not a little nieve. As the story goes along it has many ups & downs as well as surprising twists & turns. Some of the things that occured threw me completely off. I never saw them coming... What nice surprises. The author makes this story very easy to read. I flew right through it in one day. A very riviting story. Definitley a book to be recommended.
Publisher-Simon Pulse
My Score: 4 Stars- Good Book
Reviewed by~Mechele

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  1. I haven't seen this one before but it looks really cool so I'm going to go add it to my wishlist - thank you!


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