January 4, 2012

Review: Moonbeams (Beams and Light #1) by Lakisha Spletzer and J.D. Hollyfield

A Veil Recipe

3 clueless college students
1 magical dimension
1 Warrior Princess
A pinch of danger
Take three clueless college students, mix in a tobacco field. Combine one magical dimension and stir in a defiant Warrior Princess. Throw in a pinch of danger and slow cook until steaming.
Invite five angry deities. Open and serve your new heap of trouble.

The book starts out with a lot of action and is non stop throughout the whole thing. I really like the way the author puts all the things together. It is very interesting to see how the vastly different creatures interact with one another. The main characters are teenagers who just can't seem to stay out of trouble in the vail. Luckily, they have a band of peacekeepers to watch over them. One mishap always leads into another. They certainly have their hands full. The way the author describes every detail, the settings are easy to imagine. There are many beautiful images to behold. The storyline was well thought out, layered just right and put together flowingly. It held my attention throughout the entire story. I really enjoyed reading this highly imaginative tale. I'll be waiting for the sequel.

Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by~Mechele
~Thank you to the author for the donation of this book to the Read for your future book program!~

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  1. I'm glad to be able to help a worthy cause. And I'm glad you enjoyed.


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