June 20, 2012

Guest blog post & Giveaway: Frank Nappi author of The Legend of Mickey Tussler & Sophomore Campaign (the sequel to The Legend of Mickey Tussler)

Written by author Frank Nappi:
Best Buddies/Challenger Baseball Inspirational on so Many Levels

One of the most rewarding endeavors I have ever pursued, one that has enhanced the quality of my life as well as the lives of my wife and children, is the volunteer work I have been fortunate enough to perform the last few years with groups such as Best Buddies and Challenger Baseball. Working so closely with autistic children and teens and getting to know their families has been more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined. There is something so genuinely warm and endearing about these special folks; I have found that my time spent in their company has enlightened and inspired me. The simplicity of heart and genuine affection that these amazing individuals have demonstrated toward me and my family, despite living in a society that by in large does not extend enough compassion and understanding, is truly remarkable. Breathtaking actually. So many “regular” people could learn so much from these special needs individuals; their affect and demeanor is most worthy of celebration and emulation.

Best Buddies and Challenger Baseball events embody everything that is right about the world – or perhaps everything that should be right. On any given occasion, one can observe this communion of souls, a special arena which spotlights people helping people – for no other reason except just that. The inimitable smiles and laughter of those who are “disadvantaged” is priceless, rivaled only by the glow of satisfaction on the faces of those who are there volunteering. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It is this beauty and inspiration that lead to my creation of my Mickey Tussler series. My character Mickey is the embodiment of all the magic I have witnessed over many years and has become a wonderful vehicle for me to further connect with families of special needs children and teens.

These events are a regular part of my life and the lives of my wife Julia and boys, Nick and Anthony. We have been involved with Challenger Baseball for several years and all of us look forward to every Sunday when we can give of ourselves, knowing (selfishly perhaps) that we are receiving so much more in return. We have all become part of Best Buddies as well, and have forged many special friendships there too. Our lives are enriched immeasurably because of it.

If anyone is looking to become involved in a worthy cause, one that will alter your life forever, working with special needs individuals is perhaps the perfect place to start.
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