January 21, 2013

Jennifer Lynn Barnes author of Nobody blog tour & Cover reveal puzzle piece


Life As a Nobody: A Human Anomaly Shrouded in the Supernatural or Just Life in High School?
NOBODY was inspired, in part, by an Emily Dickinson poem. The line “I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you Nobody, too?” has stuck in my head ever since the first time I read it. I think it’s in part because everyone has felt like a nobody at some point, and in part because for me, one of the most appealing themes in all of fiction is what I would generally describe as “finding your people.” I think that—especially in our teen years, but often as adults as well—it is so easy to feel like we just don’t quite fit anywhere, to feel deeply, fundamentally different, even though everyone else is feeling deeply, fundamentally different at the exact same time. But then one day, you meet someone—a friend or group of people or someone you’re falling for—and all of a sudden, you do fit. You’re all misfits. You’ve found your people. That’s what I think of every time I read the “Are you Nobody, too?” line in that Dickinson poem, and that was the inspiration for this book. What if, I wondered, there was a girl who blended into the background, who felt like no one noticed her, whose parents and teachers and peers never seemed to really hear anything she had to say? What if this girl felt like she would never fit in, like people would never really see her or care about her, like she would never matter… and there was a supernatural explanation? What if, I wondered, she was right? In NOBODY, the basic concept is that some people are born supernaturally unnoticeable. They are incapable of leaving their mark on another person, and that means that they are, by and large, forgotten and ignored. People cannot feel any kind of lasting or strong emotion for them. They’re Nobodies. So you’ve got a girl—Claire—who has no idea that there is a reason her parents are mostly absent, no idea why she has such a hard time making friends, or why no one ever seems to look her in the eye. And then, you’ve got a boy. He knows that he’s a Nobody, and he’s been raised as an assassin—because the perfect assassin is the one no one notices or remembers or fears. In many ways, NOBODY is a book about feeling lonely and different and like you don’t matter. But it’s also about that experience of finding your people. It’s about finding the place where you fit, where you matter, even if you are metaphysically incapable of mattering to the rest of the world.
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* There are a total of 15 pieces to the puzzle - one for each stop on the tour.

* Collect all 15 pieces to reveal the cover of Infinityglass by Myra McEntire (pubbing in July)

* Submit the assembled cover via the following link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGVKdUlOZWllUFZBRFhUeFdhQlFpOGc6MQ by no later than 2/12 at 10pm ET. You will be entered to win the 6 book Grand Prize Giveaway of: Jennifer Lynn Barnes' Nobody and Every Other Day, Kate Ellison's Butterfly Clues and Notes from Ghost Town and Myra McEntire's Hourglass and Timepiece.

* The puzzle can either be assembled electronically or a picture of the assembled printed pieces is also acceptable

* The winner and completed cover will be posted on Myra McEntire's blog www.myramcentire.com on 2/13.

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