February 13, 2012

Review Childrens Book: Under the Baobab Tree by Julie Stiegemeyer illistrated by: E.B. Lewis

The Tree of Life: A Journey to the Great Baobab, written by Julie Stiegemeyer and illustrated by award-winning artist E.B. Lewis, is the story of Moyo and Japera, siblings who travel to worship God with others at the Baobab tree, also known as the Tree of Life.
Moyo and Japera travel down the red dusty road to the next village. There, they will gather under the baobab tree, the Tree of Life. Moyo knows that some days the market wagon stops under the baobab tree. Villagers buy brightly colored cloth and heavy pots and pans. But who will gather today under the baobab tree? Come to a special place—a wondrous gathering place known as the baobab tree, the Tree of Life. Moyo and Japera know that almost anything can happen here. But today? Today the most important and truest stories of all will be told. People will come to hear, to pray, and to sing. And as the children journey to the tree they have only one question: Who will gather under the boabab tree? …Will you?

This story is a story of a brother and sister that is worth reading to your child. The story is well detailed and well written. It is well executed. The illustrations are phenomenal. I cant say enough about the very detailed pictures of this book. My 5 year old LOVED this book. The story is easy to follow and understand and the author does a very good job with the relationship of the two characters. This is a book written for children but can be adored from any age!

Reviewer Rating: 4 Star
Reviewed by~Lora
~Thank you to Candice Frederick at Zonderkids for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book program!~

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