October 18, 2011

Review: A Shadow's Light (The Shadow Series #2)


After fleeing his home in Lincoln, Test Davis settles in the small town of Saratoga, Wyoming, where he hopes to slip into obscurity. But when his boss’s niece, Alyssa, draws him reluctantly into a relationship, he’s afraid he won’t be able to hide who—and what—he really is.
When a horrific confrontation with two co-workers forces Test to go back on the run, he reunites with an old friend, discovers that Alyssa has a secret of her own, and finds the answer to the question he’s been too afraid to ask:
What am I?

J.M. Pierce out did himself!  This book is outstanding! I loved Failing Test but I LOVE A Shadow's Light even more! I'd like to take back what I said in my first review about reminding me of another character. TEST IS UNLIKE ANYONE IN ANY OTHER BOOK! I finally understood the full extent of his powers in this book. And let me tell you it blew my mind how much Test can do! I seriously slapped myself for putting this book off too long. I swear if my 6 month old could make his own bottles i'd be good lol. This book deserves a standing ovation! One of my favorites!!!!
Review Score: 5 STARS!
Reviewed by~Sarah
~Thank you to the Author for the donation fo this book to Read for your Future School Program~

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