October 18, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays

Page 77

"Mike" Carmel says "Don't be a jerk."

"I think that's a lot to ask," I say softly, but Mike ignores me and asks Carmel why she's bothering to hang around such a freak. Its very flattering. Carmel starts to look nervous, like she's thinks that Mike night lose it and try to punch me over the wooden rail and down into the shallow water. I glance over the edge. In the dark I can't really make out how deep it might be, but I don't think it would be deep enough to cusion a fall, and I'd probably break my neck on a rock or somthing. I'm trying to stay cool and collected, keeping my hands in my pockets. Just the same I hope my look of indifference is driving him nuts, because the comments he made about my mom, and about me neing some kind of wimpy boy wizard, pissed me off. If he took me over the edge of the falls right now, I'd probably wind up stalking the wet rocks, dead and looking for him unable to rest until I'd eaten his heart.

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  1. Wohooo this novel looks really creepy to me..Would love to read it some day ^_^


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