March 22, 2013

Review: College Financing Information for Teens by Karen Bellenir

"Provides information for teens about planning, saving, and paying for post-secondary education, with facts about government aid, private loans and scholarships, and other sources of financial assistance. Includes index and resource information"--Provided by publisher.
This book is a practical guide for college bound students starting in their Junior High School years. The beginning of the book explains about exams necessary to get into college and what you can do to prepare each year until senior year. There are suggestions for how to enhance your ability to get into the college of your choice and to get scholarships to help defray the expansive expenses. The book explains about different post-secondary educational options such as community college and online classes. There are suggestions on how to save toward education and differing types of student loans. There is a chapter on ROTC, Americorp, and Peace Corp options. At the end of the book is a directory of financial aid resources, which is up-to-date and has a lot of information. Overall, it is a great resource for students who want to go to college, and I think parents may even get more out of it!
Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars!!!
Reviewed by~Alisa Humphrey(Librarian at Franklin High School) 
Thank you to the Publisher for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book Program in exchange for a honest review!


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