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Read for your future is a PR friendly Blog and we gladly accept ARCs and finished books from publishers and authors.
We enjoy reading YA Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction, Urban Lit, Children, Young Adult, Cookbooks, Chick Lit, Christian Fiction, Romance, Non-Fiction…
Our review team writes short, quality reviews because, we know that a lot of our readers don’t have the time to read lengthy reviews. We also don’t want to spoil the enjoyment of the book, by giving away too much of the storyline.
Book reviews can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months to be posted. If its been over that please email us. We sometimes fall behind.  If you have a specific date you would like the review posted, please let us know when submitting your pitch and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request. If your genre isn’t listed above, feel free to send over your book description because we are open to reviewing other genres.We do not review homosexual books due to our respect for God. We do some ebooks,At this time we only have one reviewer with a kindle so it may take awhile to review it.
If you are interested in a Book Review, Blog Tour or would like to provide a copy (or two) of your book, for us to offer as a Giveaway to our readers, please email us at

Thank you
Read for your future team

How we work and a word from the founder:
My name is Lora Wiedenheft and I am  a reviewer and the founder of the program called Read for your future.
The program works like this. I contact authors and publishers that I think will Donate a book in exchange for a honest review. I then get the book put it on a list and let the students at Franklin High School choose the book. The student that chooses the book then reads the book and writes a review for the book. There are links on my website to lead them through the process. When they are finished with their review they then turn that book into to the librarian at their school. It then gets cataloged and at that point has a new home for years to come.
The school gets very little money and that has to be used for updating computer software. A
little bit about me and how I started this. I am a high school drop out in the 10th grade due to being pregnant. I am now 44. I hadn't read a book since high school. I saw a movie at Walmart called
twilight. SO I decided to buy it. I LOVED IT! So I read the books and have been reading every since. I only read YA. and I read a lot. I now have a GED and a LPN License. I acquired so many books that I decided to donate some to the public library. I found out that they were operated with 2 other libraries so in order for my towns children to enjoy them they had to get on a waiting list for the book. I didn't like that. SO my daughter
just graduated she says "Mom give them to the Middletown High school library. They have no current books" SO I called them and found out that they had not had a new book in four years. They jumped all over them. But I still had books that needed reviews on them so I set it up that they read the book do the review and then keep the book for the school. It was going very well. Then the principal of Franklin high School called and ask if they could get in on it. So I designed a website where I keep a list of books on there and a place to submit the review and they just turn them into the library and tell the librarian that its a Read for your future book. . So that's how I started Read for your future..
We are dedicated to putting books in the hands of teenagers.

Wont you help us in our fight against illiteracy.
To donate ANY YA book or your book you can mail them to:

Read for your future
c/o Lora Wiedenheft
149 Colorado Drive

Xenia Ohio 45385

Please email us at: to let us know its coming :)

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