February 4, 2012

Review: Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat) by Francesca Lia Block

The girl in the mirror wasn't who I wanted to be, and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have.
Despite how much Louise insists, no one will call her Weetzie. It's her dad's nickname for her, but it won't stay put. Neither will her dad. Charlie left Louise and her mom and he took everything with him: her family, her home--and her understanding of who she's meant to be.
But Los Angeles is a city full of strange angels, and Louise embarks on a journey to sift through the smog of her heartbreak, to grow her own wings, to become Weetzie.

Review-This was a really good book. It was a book that once i started reading it, i
got really into it. Highly Recommend!!

Reviewer Rating: STARS!!
Reviewed by~Syra Chambers(Student at Franklin High School)
~Thank you to the publisher for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book program!~

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  1. This sounds like a great book. I like the nickname she wants everyone to call her. The story interests me- thanks for sharing!


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