March 25, 2012

Review: Death Sentence (Escape From Furnace #3) by Alexander Gordon Smith

Alex's second attempt to break out of Furnace Penetentiary has failed. This time his punishment will be much worse than before. Because in the hidden, bloodstained laboratories beneath the prison, he will be made into a monster. As the warden pumps something evil into his veins--a sinisterly dark nectar--Alex becomes what he most fears . . . a superhuman minion of Furnace. How can he escape when the darkness is inside him? How can he lead the way to freedom if he is lost to himself?
This is a really great book.
It is well written.
While i was reading it i was able to visualize what it was like being in the shoes of the main character. Reading this book was like watching a movie on the book. It was wonderful

Publisher-Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Reviewer Rating: 5 STARS!!
Reviewed by~Syra Chambers
~Thank you to the publisher for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book program!~

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