December 24, 2013

It's New Year's Eve!!

Life is busy, we get it. We here at RFYF have children, grandchildren, jobs, spouses and many responsibilities so we understand. As a matter of fact, I bet we are ALL running around today cooking, primping and getting ready for a FABULOUS evening tonight. Am I right? And since we are so often busy, certain important things seem to fall by the wayside---like reading a good book to ourselves, our children, or our grandchildren. It's ok, right? We can read to them later, school teaches them to read, they can read to themselves. There is always an excuse.

Well, NO EXCUSES this year. For 2014, let's all make a concerted effort to sit and read. Stop and smell the book pages. Take a moment to pick a bouquet of words. Bring a sick friend a freshly baked story. Sing along to an audiobook. There are many ways that we can work a book, a short story, a few pages into our day. The benefits are as important as drinking three glasses of water a day and taking your daily vitamin. We grow when we read. We become better, stronger people when we learn. Our brains get a workout.

So for 2014, let's promise to READ!!! 


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