August 29, 2014

Review: The Kindling (Middle School Magic #1) by Braden Bell

All thirteen-year-old Connor Dell wants to do is pass pre-algebra, play lacrosse, and possibly kiss Melanie Stephens, but when a run-in with the school bully ignites strange powers inside him, Connor's normal teenage life goes up in flames. Now he'll need his new powers to defeat the Darkness that's coming for him. Fast-paced and original, this book's guaranteed to keep you guessing!
The Kindling is a fun read that moves quickly with action galore. Three middle schoolers with burgeoning special powers and normal teen hormones makes for an interesting read. I love that author Braden Bell, who is a music and theater teacher, goes in-depth with the magical skills, symbols, world-building, characters, etc. However, I am taking one star off this book because, at times, Bell gets a little too detailed. Readers might get bored at certain points.

Bell does get it right with young readers by not making Conner, Lexa, or Melanie completely self-sufficient from their parents. Too many books/movies show kids that they don't need to rely on adults for advice, wisdom, etc. The three teens not only have a whole school of Magi teachers assisting them, but they also eventually involve their parents in the adventures. Bravo for that!!!

So, I would give this a solid four stars and a recommendation that middle schoolers check it out if they enjoy a really well-written adventure/magic/fantasy story:)
Publisher-CedarFort Inc
Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by~Cindi Clubbs
Thank you to the author for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book program in exchnge for a honest review!

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