February 2, 2015

Review: An Uncommon Blue (Colorblind #1) by R.C. Hancock

In Télesphore, the glowing color of a person’s palm determines their place in society, and touching hands with another mixes the colors permanently. When sixteen-year-old Bruno accidentally kills a royal soldier, he goes from favored to fugitive. Now Bruno's only chance at survival is to become someone else. That means a haircut, a change of wardrobe, and most important, getting rid of his once cherished Blue. Now he’s visiting parts of town he never knew existed, and making friends with people he would've crossed the street to avoid only weeks ago. At the last minute, Bruno’s parents arrange a deal to clear his name and get his life back. All Bruno has to do is abandon those in the Red slums that look to him as a leader and let an innocent Green boy die in his place.

An Uncommon Blue started off as a typical high school story about a jock, Bruno, taking finals, playing an important rugby game, getting hit on by numerous cute girls, and having a friend who is both annoying and loyal. Within the first page, though, the reader starts to understand that nothing is as it seems in this book. Bruno is a Blue and lives in an affluent part of town while Greens and Reds must live separately, as befitting their lower social status. Everything in Bruno's world depends upon what color the pouch on his hand is. Unfortunately for Bruno, an evil Green named Aaren sets Bruno up to be changed from Blue to Green.
Once Bruno is changed, the race to save his life is on. He has to leave everything and everyone behind to survive. He also has to help Baptiste, the young boy responsible for 'changing' Bruno. This book is so fast-paced and the characters are so vivid that I have to give it five stars. Any reader will find An Uncommon Blue to be enjoyable, fast-paced, exciting, and unexpected.

Publisher-Cedar Fort Publishing
Reviewer Rating: 5 STARS!!
Reviewed by~Cindi Clubbs
Thank you to the publisher for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book program in exchange for a honest review!
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