March 16, 2015

Meet Our Newest Reviewer: Makayla

Meet Makayla our Newest reviewer to the site here is a few things that are really Kool about her:
*She is a Christian and a child of God
*She is 10 years old
*She is in the 4th Grade
*She is in Choir and sings a lot
*She is a straight A Student and loves to attend School
*Her favorite color is Teal
*She loves to wear bright colors and Glitter
* She loves to eat Candy and pizza
*She loves to help people that are in need
*She loves spending time with her family and friends
She will be reviewing our middle grade books. Please leave a comment below and make her feel welcome to the team!
free glitter text and family website at

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  1. Congrats Makayla! Love your photo and I look forward to reading your reviews.


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