November 25, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday

Sooooo....what book are we waiting on here at RFYF? 

With the stressful, although fun, holidays ahead, we chose a book that was fun and entertaining!

Jillian Cade
(fake) paranormal investigator
by Jen Klein

Release Date: 1 December 2015
Publisher: Soho Teen

Jillian Cade doesn’t believe in the paranormal. But her famous professor father does, and now that he’s gone, she decides to milk his reputation—and all the suckers who believe in the stuff—to open a private investigation firm. After all, a high school junior has to take care of herself, especially if she’s on her own. 

 Ironically, it’s when she takes on a case that might involve a totally non-paranormal missing person that things get strange. Particularly when Sky Ramsey—a new boy at school and an avid fan of her father’s—forces his way into becoming her partner and won’t shut up about succubi, of all things. 

Before Jillian knows it, she finds herself navigating both her growing feelings for Sky and a sneaking suspicion that the poor saps she’s been scamming know something she doesn’t. Yet.

(goodreads summary)


  1. This looks good. I hope you enjoy it when you get it. My WOW

  2. I think I've seen this as an egalley on Edelweiss. Sounds good! Great pick!
    Check out my WOW

  3. This one sounds so good! Definitely on my TBR too!

    my WoW


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