February 29, 2016

Review: Shutter by Courtney Alameda

Horror has a new name: introducing Courtney Alameda.
Micheline Helsing is a tetrachromat—a girl who sees the auras of the undead in a prismatic spectrum. As one of the last descendants of the Van Helsing lineage, she has trained since childhood to destroy monsters both corporeal and spiritual: the corporeal undead go down by the bullet, the spiritual undead by the lens. With an analog SLR camera as her best weapon, Micheline exorcises ghosts by capturing their spiritual energy on film. She's aided by her crew: Oliver, a techno-whiz and the boy who developed her camera's technology; Jude, who can predict death; and Ryder, the boy Micheline has known and loved forever.
When a routine ghost hunt goes awry, Micheline and the boys are infected with a curse known as a soulchain. As the ghostly chains spread through their bodies, Micheline learns that if she doesn't exorcise her entity in seven days or less, she and her friends will die. Now pursued as a renegade agent by her monster-hunting father, Leonard Helsing, she must track and destroy an entity more powerful than anything she's faced before . . . or die trying.

Author Courtney Alameda introduces Micheline Helsing, a modern-day emo, entity-fighting descendant of the original Van Helsing clan. At 17, she has been hailed as a hero for making incredible kills of both ghosts and zombies. However, as any good hero must, poor Micheline has suffered a devastating loss which has thrown her into a dark place of doubt and defeat. In Shutter, Micheline and her three best friends (yes, HOT GUYS) face the most deliciously horrific challenge--a ghost that is almost unbeatable and viciously blood-thirsty. Shutter races at a pace that is heart-stopping excitement, exhilarating as a roller coaster ride. The characters are well-developed, the action is WILD, the creatures are creepy (scorpion-type zombie creations), and the weaponry and training are thoroughly thought out. What an incredible book--I seriously hope it will be a series!!!

Publisher-Feiwel & Friends
Reviewer Rating: 5 STARS!!!
Reviewed by~Cindi Clubbs
Thank you to the publisher for the donation of this book to the Read for your future book program in exchange for a honest review!!


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