May 7, 2011

Amy Mah Interview! Author of: FANGS RULE

Why did you Decide to write this book?
It all started when my publisher Nicholas Reardon of Reardon Publishing was looking for authors to write some paranormal novels, he wanted something funny and wanted a new undiscovered author, he even put little adverts on sites such as goodreads.
What was needed was a book with a new take the Vampire story and that is where I came in, the way I wrote the book is that I am living in this wonderful crazy world, so you get to know the world from my reaction to it.

Take a look at my blog and step into my world

2.) How did the cover come about?
The front of the book has the title in dripping blood and shows me as a 18th century dressed vamp in a graveyard, where as the back is in modern clothing, designed by The Manga Artist Heby Sim and I think she has done a wonderful job of it.

3.) So what is your next project and can you tell us anything about a sequel to Fangs Rule?
My next project is a book called “The Night Eternal” and tells the story of my life as a teenage vampire, Fangs Rule a girls guide to being a vampire hints at what a strange world I live in and with my next book all the hints are explained as you will follow me slowly making my way in a world where biting someone can be a sign of affection!

4.) Do you have a daytime job or are you a writer full time?
Sometimes I feel that Facebook is my unpaid fulltime job, but I do other things until I can become a world famous and rich full time author.

5.) Do you read a lot and If so what?
Yes a lot…………… and I mean a lot my mind is always active and so I need a good book to relax with, it could be a funny vampire book or something deeper like the Art of War by Sun Tzu

6.) How did you learn to be a vampire? Were you taught?
Now you really do need to buy my book as it will explain all of this to you ……hehehehehe
Amazon has it HERE!
As does my own website for vampires:

Ok here is a taste of what being a vampire is like:

…………….. Being A vampire sounds like it should be a cool thing to be as a teenage girl, like sleeping during the day and enjoying a night life with friends, huh……. no one warned me that it also meant having to suffer Teenage hormones for so long! I am stuck at a 16, yes 16 and the years may pass but I am the same age! Frozen in time until my so called loving vampire family think I am mature enough to let me grow up.
Being a vampire should be fun, I am a blood curdling denizen of the night and yet my Aunt paints my bedroom pink yes pink! And buys me underwear in the same yuck colour but with little bats on!!! as if I was 6!
And as to the rules, so many rules, and vampire uniforms! Guys have long fancy cloaks that they are always tripping over and as to the girls uniform, it is a 18th C Nightdress!
The old male vampires expect a girl to walk about wearing just a see through nightdress with no underwear on!! as if that is ever going to happen, they have really seen far too many horror films! And the next one to suggest it to me will get a very hard bite!
Life as a teenager is normally a living hell but even more so when you have fangs. The world is just out to get me, and not just by people trying to stake me because I have better teeth than they do!

7.) One last thing. We ask all our guest authors Do you collect anything personally?
Well I have lots of vampire books and films but as to collecting well yes Anime films, I just love watching anime films and have hundreds so it must be a collection, I am sure it is where I get my very strange humor from.

Thank you sooo much Amy for taking the time to stop by our Read for your future website. I hope this interview has peaked your curiousity to get the book to learn more about being a vampire.

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