May 29, 2011

Review: Crooked Moon by Lisette Brodey

As children, Frankie Cavalese and Callie Mason were the very best of friends, growing up together on opposite walls of a row home in a blue-collar neighborhood of Philadelphia called Rainytown.
The friendship they shared was special - the kind that storybook heroines had - and neither ever considered the possibility of it not lasting forever. But after high school, life interfered and circumstances separated them as they each went on to live drastically different lives.
Twenty-three years later, one hot Rainytown summer, the lives of these women suddenly come crashing back together. To complicate the fragile reunion, Callie's marriage is suddenly at risk, further complicated by the affections of (and attraction to) Frankie's brother, Paulie. Tensions and passions explode in the sweltering heat, and amidst pain and tragedy, each woman not only ends up with a life-altering secret regarding the other, but the burning question of what to do with it

 This is a good story. It touches on so many topics that our young people of today face. Elaborate characters with their own sets of secrets. A very suspense filled story.
The plot is a solid structured one. The author brings each and every character to life. I am sure that most young people will identify with the characters and their problems. The more I read, the more I empathized with the main characters. Everyone has to grow up at some point in time. True friendship will always prevail. Good Book

Publisher-Saberlee Books
My Score: 4 Stars
Reviewed by~Mechele

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