October 28, 2011

COMING SOON: Cameo and the Vampire by Dawn McCullough-White

Coming on Halloween: Cameo and the Vampire- Book 3 in the Trilogy of Shadows

 A vampire's bite tormenting Cameo, she pushes forth on a journey that will find her descending into darkness and at Kyrian's request she is forced into the confrontation she has been avoiding for over fifty years with the undead that made her...
About the Author Dawn McCullough-White

Author bio:
Dawn McCullough-White writes mainly dark fantasy and horror. Her novels tend to favor the use of anti-authority anti-heroes as the main characters, most commonly with a strong, female protagonist.

Dawn was born in 1969, in Rochester, NY, and began writing prose at age 14. Ms. McCullough-White is married and has a young son. She is fascinated by history and social psychology. She is a vegetarian and animal lover. Her favorite drink is Gewürztraminer. She's fan of Alice in Chains, U2, and Stabbing Westward, her favorite books include The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, and The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson.

You can see Dawns other books in the series here:

Cameo the Assassion Book 1 (.99 cents on Amazon for Kindle)
Cameo and the Highwayman Book 2 (2.99$ on Amazon for Kindle)

You can find out more information about Cameo and the vampire here:
Barnes and Noble
Facebook Page
Dawns website


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  1. Hi everyone, Mechele here. I just wanted to say that I can't wait to get my hands on Cameo and the Vampire. I love this trilogy!


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