October 28, 2011

Review: Blood Ties (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel) by Mari Mancusi

"Dark, delicious and full of surprises, the Blood Coven series is like vampire candy." -New York Times bestselling author Heather Brewer.

Officially back in the arms of her vampire boyfriend Magnus, Sunny finds she still can't forget the gentle mortal Jayden who once saved her life. When darkness threatens to steal his humanity, Sunny must make a choice: stay true to her love, or defy him in a desperate attempt to save Jayden's soul.
Meanwhile, the Blood Coven is gearing up for a showdown with a splinter group of Slayer Inc. It's Vampires vs. Slayers in a showdown that could cost Sunny not only her heart...but also her life

This book is a fun read. It doesn't live up to my expectations that i thought would or should be in this storyline. But maybe those will work themselves out in the next book. This book CAN be a stand alone book. The first few pages catches you up on the story.
Each book is told from a different main characters ( Sunny or Rayn)  point of view. This one is from Sunnys. I got lucky when the publisher sent it to me for review as I really do love this series.
The main Characters Sunny and Rayne are neat and likable teenagers. Rayne is always into mischief and that can get a little tiresome but all in all I like them. The situation in this book leaves Sunny scared for Rayne and you can really feel the sisterly love. I really do hope that Sunny gets the normal life that she is hoping for eventually.
The secondary characters are likable also, with Magnus being the guy you LOVE to HATE. They really are great backup characters.
The cliffhanger in this book is a doozy and it makes me wish the next book would come out sooner.
All in all it was a good book with a continuing storyline.  This series makes me laugh out loud at certain times and I love that, I do recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure. It has a few unbelievable things but its fantasy and fiction. You'll have that....
I really do love this series and I would recommend it to any YA vampire lover,
It would make a great Christmas gift for any teenager.

Book Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by~Lora

~Thank you to Vida at Kensington Publishing for the donation of this book to Read for your future in exchange for an honest review!~

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