January 5, 2012

Review: Vampire's Kiss (The Watchers #2) by Veronica Wolff


By her wits, blood, and sacrifice, so far Drew has survived the intensive training on the Isle of Night. As a second-year Acari, her ultimate goal is to become a Watcher, and now she has a shot at her first mission. Except nothing is as it seems. The vampire Alcántara is as sinister as he is sexy, Ronan is more distant than ever, and it turns out there are other vampires out there. Bad ones.
Ancient, bloodthirsty, and powerful, these undead are really old school. They’ve captured one of the Watcher vamps and are torturing him for information. The only chance to save him is to infiltrate a major summit the baddies are holding on their own island. There will be mortals there, serving as butlers, maids, and various hired help. Drew had better brush up on her skills as a serving girl, because she’s about to go undercover…
But, when their vampire prisoner turns out to be a gorgeous bad boy, Drew’s first mission quickly turns into more than she bargained for…

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. I have been in love with this series from page one of The isle of Night but after reading part 2 (Vampire's kiss)  I am now in a deep love with this series. Veronica Wolff has created a world that sweeps you in and keeps you there. It is a real page turner. Just when i think i have the story line figured out it turns in a different direction. It is not predictable at all. I love that in a book.
The Main character Drew is a strong young woman who has never felt love or passion in her life. She has never had that first kiss. The feelings that are described by the author seem very realistic. You actually feel the feelings with the character. And that is sometimes tough to pull off.
The storyline is strong and solid. It moves from scene to scene with a naturalness  about it. Its as if you are part of the story. The author does a great job describing the scenery and the actions with the results that seem totally realistic. The dialogue is my favorite thing about this book. It is witty and smart and  Drew has the same reaction that i do about most of her situations. The characters seem real and I love the storyline. I can see this being made into a movie. The storyline runs right on track and kept me tied till the last page.
The secondary characters are realistically written also. Drews love interest are both handsome and smart. And I hope she picks my favorite in the end. The Vampires in the story are scary, powerful and very handsome also and I was genuinely scared for drew.
If you have a chance to read this series DO! Vampire's kisscan be a stand alone book. The author does a very good job playing catch up in part 2. So you CAN read part 2 first if you choose too.
I highly recommend this series. If you are looking for an action packed romance than this book is for you!

Publisher-NAL Trade
Reviewer's Rating: 5 STARS!
Reviewed by~Lora

 ~Thank you to Rosanne.Romanello of Penguin for the donation of this book to the Read for your future book program!~

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