November 11, 2014

Review: Monsters (Ashes Trilogy #3) by Ilsa J. Bick

The Changed are on the move. The Spared are out of time. The now.
When her parents died, Alex thought things couldn't get much worse-until the doctors found the monster in her head.
She headed into the wilderness as a good-bye, to leave everything behind. But then the end of the world happened, and Alex took the first step down a treacherous road of betrayal and terror and death.
Now, with no hope of rescue-on the brink of starvation in a winter that just won't quit-she discovers a new and horrifying truth.
The Change isn't over.
The Changed are still evolving.
And...they've had help.
With this final volume of The Ashes Trilogy, Ilsa J. Bick delivers a riveting, blockbuster finish, returning readers to a brutal, post-apocalyptic world where no one is safe and hope is in short supply.
The ONLY thing I didn't like about this five star read is that this was the last book in the trilogy:( This entire series was wonderful, awesome, brilliant, but Book Three was the absolute best! A post-apocalyptic story, Monsters wraps up what happened to the original three protagonists who have spent the previous two books trying to get back to each other. Alex, Tom, and Ellie bonded during the initial period of recovery after the electric shock that killed many and zombified many more. They became a family unit, along with Mina, Ellie's father's military dog. Such a simple thing as finding people that you love and want to be with makes this trilogy so poignant. All three characters were separated in Book One and, along the way, met many evil and wonderful people. Yet they never forgot each other, and never gave up on each other. It gives me goosebumps to think about such devotion. Needless to say, when their fates were being determined in Book Three, I was in agony. I literally was biting my nails, breathless, and tense. The pages flew by in this 821 page book as I prayed and hoped that they would find each other again. I will not tell you how it ended. You readers will have to pick up the series and read it to find out. Let's just say that it was a bit of a surprise though!
Publisher-Brilliance Corporation
Reviewers Rating: 5 STARS!!!
Reviewed by~Cindi Clubbs
Thank you to the publisher for this donation to the Read for your Future in exchange for a honest review!
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A world where, from these ashes, the monsters may rise.

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