December 1, 2014

Christmas Wonder Giveaway Hop!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. herding cats & burning soup  21. Bad Boys Xmas~Susan Arden  41. Savings in Seconds (US)  61. Nancy Gideon...Romance by Any Other Name  
2. Amy  22. Decadent Publishing  42. Christina @ Creating Serenity  62. Krista Ames  
3. Shelley Munro  23. Siren Allen  43. Jess Buffett  63. Expressions of a Hopeful Romantic (US)  
4. Camille @ Girl meets Books  24. Robyn Neeley, Romantic Comedy Author  44. Becky Flade  64. Alisa Anderson (BitchesBeWritin')  
5. Taking Time for Mommy Books and Movies  25. I am, Indeed  45. Elisabeth Staab  65. Beverly Ovalle  
6. Melissa Haag YA Author  26. Sam Cheever - HOHO Honeybun  46. Doris O'Connor  66. Sharing Links and Wisdom (INT)  
7. Author E. B. Walters  27. Laurie Treacy, Author  47. Kitt Crescendo  67. Nicci @ The Book Lovers Codex  
8. Rhialistic  28. Lucy Felthouse  48. Christine Murphy  68. Marlene @ Reading Reality  
9. Dani Harper PNR Author, INT'L  29. Tara Quan  49. Read for your Future  69. Sharon Kleve  
10. Book Lovin' Mamas  30. Tory Richards  50. Houston Havens  70. Scandalous Stories  
11. Karen Lynch YA Author  31. Hot Listens (INT)  51. Talk Supe  71. Declan Sands - Oh! Hoaley Night!  
12. MYTHICAL BOOKS (INT)  32. Anne Lange  52. Yolanda Ashton  72. Sasha Hibbs-YA Author (INT)  
13. BIBLIOPHILE MYSTERY (INT)  33. Leigh Ellwood  53. Natasha Blackthorne  73. More Books Than Livros (INT)  
14. RhiReading  34. Share My Destiny (INT)  54. Eargasms Audiobook Reviews  74. Nana Prah  
15. Sedona Venez  35. Not Necessarily In That Order  55. eReading on the Cheap  75. Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog  
16. Bookswagger  36. Susan Griscom, Author PNR & Contemporary Romance  56. V.S. Morgan  76. Sahara Roberts  
17. Cerian @ Rookie Romance (INT)  37. Emme Rollins  57. Normandie Alleman  77. Brittney's Book Nook  
18. Author Zoe Forward  38. Selena Kitt  58. Tabitha Conall  78. Alicia @ Addicted Readers (INT)  
19. Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures  39. Melanie Karsak, Author  59. Marie's Cozy Corner (US)  
20. Snarky Mom Reads...{INT}  40. Joanne Jaytanie  60. Cassandra Dean  


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I enter all giveaways. ;)

  2. Yes! thank you so very much :)

  3. I have not entered your other giveaway but I sure will now! Thank you and have a beautiful holiday season.

  4. I haven't yet :) If I can find it, I will.
    Happy Holidays

  5. No, I did not enter the other giveaway.

  6. No, I did not see another active giveaway to enter.

  7. If you mean the Breast cancer awareness grab bag giveaway, then yes, I entered it.

  8. I think I entered it previously, can't tell for sure because it says its over. Thanks for the chance!!

  9. Yes ,I enter a lot of your giveaways. Thanks.

  10. I could only find one, the breast cancer awareness one, but it is over.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I didn't see the other one yet; I'll go check it out!

  13. Yes I did! Thank you for both giveaways. And I hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  14. I did not enter it as of yet but I am sure I will. Oh and Twitter is not letting me follow anyone else. I just hate that! Don't you?

  15. There are six days left in this giveaway hop, why is your listing closed???


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