April 23, 2015

Review Middle School: I Even funnier (I funny #2) by James Patterson

Middle schooler Jamie Grimm has big dreams of being the best stand-up comic in the world – and he won't let the fact that he's in a wheelchair get in his way.
After winning the New York state finals in the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest, Jamie's off to Boston to compete in the national semi-finals. But when one of his best buddies runs into trouble at school and a sudden family health scare rears its head, Jamie has to put his comedic ambitions on hold and stand by the people he cares about.
Can Jamie pass up the big competition for the sake of his friends and family?
Well in this book I felt like I could take Jamie's place when he is up on stage and was getting nervous. Also when Jamie imaginations his friend Joey being on stage and how bad Joey would be so I'm saying my friends aren't as good as I am at some things.
Publisher- Arrow (Young)
Reviewer Rating:5 STARS!!!
Reviewed by~Makayla
Thank you to the Publisher for the donation of this book to the Read for your Future book program in exchange for a honest review.
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