April 10, 2015

Review: My life Next door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

"One thing my mother never knew, and would disapprove of most of all, was that I watched the Garretts. All the time."The Garretts are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, messy, affectionate. And every day from her rooftop perch, Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them . . . until one summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs up next to her and changes everything.
As the two fall fiercely for each other, stumbling through the awkwardness and awesomeness of first love, Jase's family embraces Samantha - even as she keeps him a secret from her own. Then something unthinkable happens, and the bottom drops out of Samantha's world. She's suddenly faced with an impossible decision. Which perfect family will save her? Or is it time she saved herself?
A transporting debut about family, friendship, first romance, and how to be true to one person you love without betraying another.
This book pleasantly surprised me. It is a really good and humorous read. The characters were witty (I love witty characters) and well developed. The storyline was very well written and executed. I read this book in a matter of hours. It is a book that at some point I would love to reread. Its a journey that is worth going on this summer and the Garretts are a family worth knowing. Each character has their own personality. I love the dialogue from this huge cast of characters.  The author does a fabulous job of giving each character personality and dialogue and not once was I confused by who said what. It is an awesome read. Pick a copy up this summer and you to may find yourself snickering with these characters. Definitely worth owning a copy!! I can hardly wait to read this authors material....
Publisher-Dial books for young readers
Reviewers Rating: 5 STARS!!!
Reviewed by~Lora
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