June 18, 2011

Review: Marty Whimpel and the Curse of the Acne Pimple By Jim Tatton

A world with no books! Can you imagine? For the children of the future, that is the world they know, until they meet Nicholas Chrismon. As Marty's friend and Eyahge'er (Story Teller), he shares with the children the story of Marty's life and his ability to enter the land of books. He tells of the many adventures he and Marty encountered together and helps the children appreciate books and understand the power they hold. Join Marty as he saves the witch Bismorda, tackles the stresses of Junior High School, comes face to face with death as he confronts evil and the sisters of Zanth, all the while gathering keys and ingredients in many lands to create a secret potion to save himself and the land of books.


This book had a great plot, and would have been a great read with a different writer. The style of writing used for the book detracted from the actual plot. It wasn't well written at all. It was hard to follow at times and many sentences didn't make sense in the least. The storyline, however, was a really good idea. It is an easy book to follow, but you correct many of the mistakes in your head along the way, which distracts you from the actual story, and it isn't a good book if you get bored easy because It's predictable. It seems really drawn out and is not the right book for many people. But, for the people with the big imaginations, this is a good book to go on a journey with.
My Score: 3 Stars
Reviewed by: Patti

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