June 28, 2011

Review: Nightmare At Camp Forrestwood: A Young Adult Whodunit by Kelli Sue Landon

It's time for the Madison High senior class camping trip! New student, Holly Jenson, is looking forward to a weekend out with friends, especially Matt Ifft, her secret crush. Little does she know there is a killer among the group. When people start getting bumped off, Holly, Matt, and the rest of the teens must escape the camp while dodging the killer's wrath.

  I liked this book. The plot has a lot of different things going on at one time. The story has friendship, mystery, betrayal, murder, love, and scary twists and turns. An easy book to read. Set in a camp in the middle of the woods. An excitting story from the first page to the very last.

Publisher-Outskirts Press
My Score: 3.5 Stars-Between ok and Good Book
Recieved from: Author (Thank you)
Reviewed by~Mechele

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