June 19, 2011

Review: A Measure of Disorder (Mother-Earth #1) by Alan Tucker

High school will be a breeze for Jenni Kershaw — if she lives long enough to enroll, that is.

Jenni's ordinary, eighth grade life becomes a thing of the past when her science class goes on a field trip. Armed with only their notebooks, MP3 players, and wits, Jenni and her classmates are unknowingly transported to another world.
There they encounter amazing creatures, some of which think a kid shish kebab would be a tasty treat. But they soon find the greatest dangers they face may come from themselves …
Follow Jenni and her class on their extraordinary adventures in their fight to discover who — and what — they really are.

This book may look odd on the cover, but it is a great book filled with mystery and excitement.  Jenni Kershaw goes on an adventure that no one would've thought possible, and on the way, she saves a few lives and becomes an interesting person to read about.  The book itself is well written and has a great plot to it, with the real you coming out into something you didn't know existed.  There is, however, some parts that you just want to skim over, but there are others that you want to read over and over again. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves adventure and drama, because it has plenty of both!!

Publisher-MAD Design, Inc.

My Score: 4 Stars- Good Book

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