August 12, 2011

Review: The Fairytale Trilogy: Fairytale, The Emperor's Realm, The Three Crowns by Valerie Gribben

Welcome to the wonder-filled world of The Fairytale Trilogy, where magic is far more than smoke and mirrors ...

The three novels collected in this book -- Fairytale, The Emperor’s Realm, and The Three Crowns -- chronicle Marianne’s and her brother Robin’s adventures as they come of age in an enchanted land where frogs talk, fantastical creatures prowl, and danger doesn’t stop at the edge of a dark forest. Marianne’s dreaded marriage to a nobleman she’s never met gets sidetracked when she and Robin are accidentally swept away by a dragon, and the pair end up on a quest to discover the surprising truth about their family. Their journey takes them to the Emperor’s Realm, where the air is full of exotic spices and the royal palace seethes with harrowing intrigues and courtly conspiracy. Ultimately a midnight masquerade will reveal more than it conceals, and Marianne finds her destiny when she must make the choice of a lifetime.
Though steeped in the tradition of classic fairytales, The Fairytale Trilogy presents an engagingly fresh story with a modern sensibility.

I love this book.  It combines so many childhood fairytales and puts them in these enticing, humorous, and riveting tales.  Gribben does a fantastic job of taking you through the adventures of Marrianne and Robin as they rescue a princess in distress, save a fairy kingdom. They make friends that help them through their trials and heartaches and eventually grow up into the type of people anyone can look up to.  Gribben also writes a tale in a way that everyone can read and enjoy.  I definitely recommend this book to those who don't want to grow up and those who do.  Fairytales are meant to last a whole life, and this combines many of them to make the story one that anyone would love to read. :)

Publisher-NewSouth, Incorporated

My score; 5 STARS
Reviewed by~Patti
 ~Thank you to the Author and Publisher for this book~

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