August 25, 2011

Review: Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens

Cort, the high school senior jock seems to have it all -- except a summer job. When he lands one doing women's nails, his eyes are opened to the catty, back-stabbing world of females. Girls he thought he knew and trusted turn out to shock and use him. He gets to know Rachel, an elusive girl the others gossip about, a girl with secrets. From her he learns there is more to life than weekend partying and social status, and one of the secrets she shares with him will change his life forever.

Jennifer Laurens has done it again! Another amazing book! I must say I love this book. A man finally put into a woman's world. What girl wouldn't want to read that one! I love how the relationship between Cort and Rachel blooms. This book was very well written! It made it me going "Oh my god he didn't!" at certain times. I loved the ending! It was extremely sweet. Bravo Jennifer Laurens!!! 

Publisher-Grove Creek Publishing

 My score: 5 STARS! -Loved the Book!
Reviewed by~Sarah

       ~Thank you to the author for this book~

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