September 29, 2011

Review: Cameo the Assassin (Trilogy of Shadows Series #1) by Dawn McCullough-White

The Kingdom of Sieunes is rife with taverns, dirty streets, and clay pipe smoking citizens all toiling to feed their families and keep themselves in something little better than rags. With a foiled revolution just ten years prior still burning in the hearts of many, the royals enlist the aid of assassins to keep things in order. The townsfolk entertain themselves by dreaming of better times to come and regaling in stories of the undead said to walk the graveyards at night... and of Cameo the killer with corpse-like eyes...

Scarred and jaded Cameo is one of the most effective assassins in the employ of the Association, moving from one mission to the next as long as the alcohol keeps flowing. Her acceptance of the murder-for-hire lifestyle is thrown into doubt when she meets a local highwayman with a penchant for fine clothes and women, and then she begins to think about breaking with the company but no one ever breaks with the Association under good terms.

  Cameo is the first zombie story I have read. Very detailed characters, which is nice for a change. I love the storyline. It is well planned and executed. It's an easy read. All kinds of unexpected twists and turns. I picked it up and before I knew it I was at the end of the book. A colorful fast paced story. I dropped into her world and stayed with her thru the entire ride. I hope there will be a sequel. I'd love to read it and add it to my personal collection. It's a keeper

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by~Mechele

~Thanks to the author for the donation of this book!~

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