September 14, 2011

Review: Wickford High The Revelation (Wickford High #1) by Karen Fuller

The first day of school anywhere is never fun . . .

At first glance, Wickford High, seems like a normal Catholic School. But Vicky Phillips soon discovers that there is nothing normal about Wickford High… or its occupants… She is the new kid at a new school, and is having the absolute worst day of her life, until she meets the hot, sexy, wolf shape shifter, Luke Wolfburn. Luke makes the disaster she calls her life bearable.
Dark secrets that must be kept hidden . . .
It seems that everyone at Wickford High has their secrets. Vicky has her own secret, a secret that her mother died for. She all too soon discovers that you can't run from your past. It will always come back to haunt you...

Let me say this is a good little book. Not the best but good. It had a good story line to it. I just feel everything was forced. There was nothing leading up to events. They just "BAM" happened. Everything just happened way to fast for me and it all took place on her first day of school. I really had higher hopes for this book but came out more then a little disappointed.

Publisher-World Castle Publishing
My Score: 3 Stars
Reviewed by~Sarah

~Thank you to the author for this book~

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