September 14, 2011

Review: Wickford High Furiously Tempted by Karen Fuller

The Wickford High Saga Continues . . .

Betrayed by one of her peers . . .
Vicky Phillips almost lost her life due to a purposefully vicious betrayal by one of her peers. The time has come for her to face her past and face her peers with the truth. She now needs her boyfriend, Luke Wolfburn, more than ever.
Evil walks the halls of Wickford High . . .
Temptation is everywhere. It would be all to easy to take the wrong path. Is she strong enough to resist the temptation? All the betrayal may leave her Furiously Tempted . . .

Again I found myself disappointed with the lack of events that lead up to the main events. I don't feel like I know the characters. Everything again was rushed in this book. I have to say the storyline is great. This would have been an awesome book if 1.) It wasn't a series but a full length book and 2.) There was a lot more to it. I wanted to know the characters. I wanted it to go deeper into the relationship of Luke and Vicky. It's not believable that they bcome boyfriend and girlfriend in one day. My advice to the author: You have something great here but this is not meant to be a small series. It's meant to be an amazing full length book with a lot more detail and deeper.

Publisher-World Castle Publishing
My Score: 3 Stars
Reviewed by~Sarah

~Thank you to the author for this book~


  1. I love the review and looking forward to read the story and I thank you for the submission.

  2. Your welcome! It is a good series but as youll find out it would have made a great full length book.


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