September 17, 2011

Reviewer: Forever Frost (Frost #2) by Kailin Gow

Whether you are familiar with stories of fantasy or new to this genre, there is something to appeal to every taste within these pages. From adventure, romance, suspense, fairies, pixies and other mythical creatures, Bitter Frost will take you on a journey that you will want to revisit again.& - April from Cafe of Dreams

--April - Cafe of Dreams
A fast read, I picked up this book and couldn't put it down until I was done last night. Now all I want is to read the second book. One of the best faery books out there. Gow brings you into a world so beautiful you don't want to leave even when the book ends. - Melissa Nunez - Goodreads
The story is imaginative and full of action. As one other reviewer stated, so much emotions are packed into this book, you experience the story. Wonderful message about anti-bullying, too. I highly recommend Bitter Frost to everyone. - Melissa Shula - Goodreads
Breena's entry into Feyland is marred by danger and beauty. A prisoner in her own palace, she longs to see and touch her forbidden prince Kian. Yet her heart is also still with her friend Logan. The discovery of a long-lost figure in Breena's life propels Breena into the heart of fae politics. In a stunning turn of events, Breena suddenly finds herself faced with the most heartbreaking decision in her entire life.
Book 2 of the Frost Series
Book 3: Silver Frost - 2011
Book 4: Frost Kisses - 2011
Book 5: Midnight Frost -2012

This second book is very good. Most of the time the first book is the best. I feel that this book is just a tad better. The storyline was a lot more complex. More issues to deal with at the same time. Everything comes together nicely in the end. It all flowed rather well.

I could see the main characters growing through their trials. This book does compliment the first one but it takes on a life of it's own too. The author is a very descriptive writer. Her attention to detail adds to the overall vision of the reader. That fact gives you a greater understanding of the story. Along with the added creatures, I feel this is a very good Fairy Tale.

Publisher- The Edge
My Score: 4 Stars
Reviewed by~Mechele

~Thank you to the Time Bandit for the donation of this book~

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