September 22, 2011

Review: October Breezes (October Breezes) by Maria Rachel Hooley

Skye Williams knows everything there is to know about mistrust: Dad skipped out when she was five. And now Warren Jacobs tries to sweep her Mom off her feet. But Warren's not the only concern rocking Skye's world. Devin Abbott, a guy she's known since kindergarten, has changed. He's become a tall, broad-shouldered guy she might date-if he wasn't her best friend. Skye swears there's nothing between them, but everyone else thinks differently. Devin doesn't act the way he used to, especially when Kellin Jacobs, senior quarterback, asks Skye out. Flattered, she accepts, and, Devin sulls up-and he isn't the only one. Kellin's best friend, Tyler Rutherford, gets bent out of shape, too, as he's always wanted Skye for himself. When Kellin and Skye attend one of Tyler's famous parties, neither senses the impending disaster that will change not only her life but also that of everyone who loves her

This is a great book for someone who loves true-to-life stories.  This book introduces a main character similar to today's teenager, tackling all the problems with relationships that teenagers today have to deal with, and then some. Someone who likes a bit of romance and a bit of drama shoud definately check this book out.

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My Score: 3 Stars
Reviewed by~Molly Maugans

~THank you to the author for the donation of this book~

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  1. Sounds like a (counts) love square? Woah. And we though love triangles were trouble! Apart from that, it sounds like a light-fun read.

    - Mary [Anxirium]


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