September 23, 2011

Review: Oriana's Eyes (Great Oak Trilogy #1) by Celeste Simone

As a pure-blood Winglet, Oriana isn't supposed to look at a half-blood much less speak to one. Half-bloods are the lowest of all races at Odon's University, because they are half Winglet and half Finlet. But when a half-blood, Dorian, locks eyes with her in the hallway, Oriana can't help but be intrigued by his daring nature. After sneaking out to the garden in the middle of the night to talk to him, Oriana knows she can't let her feelings go. She fears not following Odon's rules, but the more she sees Dorian the more she wants to break them all. When Oriana's idea of perfection crumbles she seeks a way out of the imprisoning University that threatens not only her happiness, but her very life. Dorian promises he has a plan to take her far away, but Oriana doubts they can escape Odon's all-seeing eye. Oriana isn't sure what she fears more, being stuck in the University or finding out what lies beyond its walls.

I absolutely loved Oriana's Eyes! It is amazing! The characters are great! I fell in love with each one of them. They each have their own personality. This book made me cry in a few parts and that's hard to do. This story made me feel like I was apart of it. I felt the emotions and everything. I have to add this to my list of favorites. To be honest I read Half-Blood first and was skeptical to read Oriana's Eyes. I was expecting pretty much the same kind of story, but let me tell you they are nothing alike. Anyways, I was a little confused about the whole half-blood/part-blood thing. but I finally figured it out. EXCELLENT BOOK! Loved it!

Publisher-iUniverse, Incorporated
My Score: 5 STARS!
Reviewed by~Sarah

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