September 11, 2011

Review: Ladybird, Ladybird by Abra Ebner

Samantha was born on a full moon to a mother already dead. Revived by doctors and given to her unloving father, Samantha was raised a cursed child, her only friend the ghost of her mother who speaks to her through keys. From the inside out, Sam burned with life, a fire so vivid it kept her peers at a distance, all except one. Leith, a quiet farmboy with a broken heart and demons of his own, enjoys the seclusion his classmates grant him, but the seclusion is all too familiar to Sam.

When their worlds collide... fires burn.

  I genuinely love to read books by this author. She writes in such a way I get completely lost in her worlds. Each one is so unique. Yet, they are so easy to read. Her words always flow together to make an outstanding tale. The characters are so touching and sweet. You can actually feel hope for their flight. In this book an amazing, heart breaking and love filled story plays out. Filled with both sadness and heart shattering joy. I always feel overwhelming emotion when I read her stories. This one is no different. I Loved this book. It will open your mind and heart. An excellent story!! Very, very highly recommended.... Easily 5 1/2 Stars.

Publisher-Crimson Oak Publishing

My Score: 5 STARS!
Reviewed by~Mechele
~Thank you to the author for allowing us to review this book~


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